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Recycled Branch – Nature’s Toilet Paper Holder

Made from an old branch we found in the backyard.

1. Cut away bark.
2. Sand using various sand papers (40-60, 80-120 then finally 150-180).
2. Use strong glue to attach to your wall.

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Wrapped cord

A great way to use fabric leftovers- sew them together, wrap it with thread and then use the cord to make for example a basket (check “coiling” from google).

I made 22 metres in 2 days, working on the cord for 8 or so hours.

We got the idea from this book.

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Candle holders from old food cans

2 easy way of doing these:

1) fill the cans with water, freeze the water, hammer holes with different size nails.

2) attach a round stick of wood to a table and let the can lay in it while you´re hammering the holes.

(the ice / the wood stick keeps the cans in shape while your hammering)

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Embroidery Hoop – Night Vision Upgrade

We added some LEDs and a battery pack to an embroidery hoop to allow for stitching at night.
Consider this Version 1 since there is no on/off switch – you have to remove the batteries manually 😉
Build time: ~2-3 hours.

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Arduino and Breadboard Holder v2

Original idea taken from SparkFun’s holder.
Build time: 3-15 minutes, depending if your Lego pieces are pre-sorted or not 😉
Parts list: 1x 16×16 base plate, 2x Fence 1x4x1, 1x Wall Panel 1x2x1, 4x Square Brick 1×1, 2x Plate 1×6 and (optional) personal engineer.
Warning: This works perfectly with our particular (Conrad) breadboard which has grooves on 2 sides (left and bottom), making it necessary to use smaller pieces. Required Lego pieces for your own breadboard may vary somewhat.

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Arduino and Breadboard Holder v1

Original idea taken from here.
I just used some old cardboard and cut slits on all 4 sides. Then I cut up some small pieces and put them into the slits. Voila!
Build time: ~15 minutes.

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Lego Magnets

Build time: < 1 minute for each piece. [gallery link="file"]

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Jewellery from recycled stuff

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Recycled Keyboard Magnet Scrabble

Old keyboards + magnets = scrabble for your refrigerator!
8 x 2mm magnets from this site which have self-adhesive tape on the bottom – no glue required.
Build time: ~30 minutes to remove keys from the keyboard + ~1 minute for each key.

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