Arduino and Breadboard Holder v2

Original idea taken from SparkFun’s holder.
Build time: 3-15 minutes, depending if your Lego pieces are pre-sorted or not 😉
Parts list: 1x 16×16 base plate, 2x Fence 1x4x1, 1x Wall Panel 1x2x1, 4x Square Brick 1×1, 2x Plate 1×6 and (optional) personal engineer.
Warning: This works perfectly with our particular (Conrad) breadboard which has grooves on 2 sides (left and bottom), making it necessary to use smaller pieces. Required Lego pieces for your own breadboard may vary somewhat.

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2 Responses to Arduino and Breadboard Holder v2

  1. delabs says:

    The photographs are very good, i wish i could use them on my pages.

    • nick says:

      well you can, idk if the author wants you to, but all you have to do is open the image, right click or two finger click on a mac, and either save the image as a jpeg or copy the image url…

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